Dashlane 2.2

It enables you to keep track of your passwords and other private data
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Dashlane is a powerful tool that combines a handy password manager with a secure digital wallet. It lets you store passwords, login data and other private information in a single secure location.
In order to use it, you are required to create an account with Dashlane. Making sure you don’t forget or lose the password that you assign to this account is a very good idea, as there are no other recovery options in case any of the mentioned situations really happen. Next to this password, the data stored by the program is protected using encryption. The powerful AES encryption algorithm is used for this purpose. As you may see, you can rest assured that the data you store with Dashlane is indeed kept safe.

The application is a complete digital wallet as it provides specialized functions meant to help you store any kind of private data such as credit card numbers, receipts, payment data, login credentials, and so on. Furthermore, it can be used to track your purchases or to automatically fill forms with your personal data, using any of the popular web browsers. Dashlane also comes as an extension for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I also like a lot its synchronization features that let you access your digital wallet even from portable devices without compromising the security of your data.

Though powerful and comprehensive, Dashlane is also easy-to-use as its interface is intuitive and self-explanatory. In conclusion, it’s a great tool that makes storing and tracking personal data a simple and safe operation.

Margie Smeer
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  • The interface looks nice
  • AES encryption is available
  • Synchronization capabilities


  • There is no way of recovering the Dashlane password if it gets lost or forgotten
  • The interface cannot be customized and doesn't support skins
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