Keeps track of all your passwords and auto-fills them on websites
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Dashlane is a powerful password management tool that lets you securely store all kind of private data like passwords, PINs, secret notes, and so on. It doesn't only help you keep track of your passwords and private data, but it will also help you automatically log in on every website and every device. Furthermore, it provides the capabilities of a digital wallet helping you perform and keep track of transactions, payments, and purchases with both increased ease and security.

As any respectable password manager, Dashlane offers the best security for your data. It uses the reliable AES encryption standard to make sure that your passwords and other private data are perfectly safe.

Many other handy functions are also available. The automatic form filler is a very effective tool especially since Dashlane comes with extensions for all the popular web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE. There are also handy synchronization capabilities available for those who purchase the paid Pro version of this tool.

Last but not least, Dashlane is also really easy to use. Even complete beginners can handle this neat and intuitive application without any trouble.

To sum it all up, Dashlane is a handy and powerful tool that makes storing and managing passwords and other private data both easy and secure.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Automatic form filler
  • Uses the powerful AES encryption standard


  • Restarts the supported browsers upon installation
  • Deletes form data history from the supported browser upon its uninstallation without asking the user for permission or announcing first
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